The Origin And Development of Sex Dolls

A sex doll is a type of sex toy in the size and shape of a sexual partner for aid in masturbation. Nowadays, real sex dolls have been greatly developed and entered our daily life in a more trendy way.Being in relationship starts with understanding. How much do you know about the origin of the sex doll? Let us learn about its brief growth history!

Sex Dolls Originated in Germany

Sex dolls originated in Germany during World War II. In order to prevent to pollute the purity of "noble Aryan descent" via German soldiers making love with women of "non-Aryan descent", and to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases in the army; Hitler personally gave order to product a "sex toy" that resembles the physical structure of women which must have all the sexy appearance of a young girl, specifically, the toy will be designed with fair skin, golden hair, blue eyes, height of 1.76 meters, plump lips and fullness chest.

This sex doll was popular with German soldiers as soon as it was launched, but after the freshness passed, the soldiers were embarrassed to carry such a toy with them, and the officers felt that if the inflatable dolls were seized by the Allies on the battlefield, the image of the German army would be damaged. That’s why the plan died after only one year of implementation. Finally in the Dresden bombing, the secret inflatable doll factory was also blown to pieces by the Allies.

The Earliest Inflatable Dolls Appeared

In 1950s, German businessmen were inspired by military sex dolls then the earliest inflatable dolls appeared and became civilian-oriented. At that time, Japanese inspired by the Germans, and began the research of the sex dolls. I have to say that these two countries really have something in common at some kind of spiritual life.

First Sex Doll "Antarctic One" in Japan

Japanese sex dolls were originally designed for Japan ’s first batch of Antarctic expedition teams, allowing them to release pressure and concentrate on scientific research during a long scientific research voyage. The Japanese government ordered scientists and psychologists work together to develop a sex doll named "Antarctic One", and it was brought to Antarctica by the scientific research team. Some Japanese even wrote a research book specifically for this history.

Various Sex Dolls Booming

However, the "Antarctic One" was evaluated "it was unusable at all, only worked as a warm water bag by filling hot water!" by the scientific research team members at that time. With such a painful lesson, the Japanese government eventually gave up the follow-up development of the Antarctic series and left it to private companies.

Many companies join the ranks of the sex dolls production with government permission, then the dolls of different materials and types increasingly developed. They developed and competed freely and finally establish the current market situation.

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