WM Dolls Fitness Gym Sex Doll With Blonde Skin

There is new launch sex doll from WM Doll, a great fitness gym sex doll. It has already getting a great attention and love trend since she was appear. Especially those sex doll fans who are obsessed with fitness body. It must be the best gift for the fans whose continuing to pay attention to this type.


Charming eyes with sweet smile

This brand new sex doll is definitely the girl you most want to meet in the gym. That is no doubt. Her sweet smile gives you reasons for not being able to refuse. When you are opposite to her, you must be heating your face and become extremely nervous. Relax, buddy, this is a wonderful reaction.


A Fitness Blonde

This sex doll also has a athlete body with health blonde skin. The fans really like this shape of hip, no to big, a little round. Her little pussy is solid and fit, with two nice well designed tits, the fans think that is very sexy.

If you want to turn the beautiful one over, you can view her most beautiful profile in Abella.

 WM Doll 162CM 5FT5 E-cup Skinny Blonde Sex Doll Abella

No Just Fitness

She is wearing a tight white vest that perfectly shows her beautiful figure. A pair of high socks and white sneakers showing her perfect slender legs. I think the nice suit will drive you crazy!

When the sweat drenched her vest, she twitched her long blond hair, and the whole body exuded wonderful hormones. It is no just fitness,but a wonderful sense.


Just follow my step

I don’t know how pin the point to exact time that start fitness. It has been a series of incidents, bundles of indescribable feelings that had lead me to this. I’m enjoyable, keep a health style, but sometimes it gets boring.


Oh, I just leave my manners, I have not given you a self-introduction.

I am Sunshine girl. Blonde one......

Have you seen my person photos?

Well, you click to. No one can resist my skin tone.


Most often I get concerned. it was too good, to handle it. I’m dependent on your words, your actions and everything in between. I don’t like to talk a Boring conversation, but I would like to listen to your story.

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